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November 30th, 2016 Newsletter

We were happily surprised this Thanksgiving by two of our friends who have offered to match every donation made to AI between this "Giving Tuesday" and December 31st! HERE is your chance to double your gift while letting our SoCCs (Social Capital Credits) methodology double it yet again for a total 4x impact. Please see below some examples of the SoCCs multiplier in action as you consider a gift to your loved ones this holiday seasonChanged Proportion-01


30 bright, underprivileged girls were empowered to finish school with help from the digitally equipped AI’s Kadam Girls Center in Ahmedabad. They earned SoCCs to pay for their Center fees by tutoring five girls each in their neighborhoods.



SoCCs enabled kids in The Mangyea School near Accra, Ghana to move from learning computers through textbooks to gaining hands-on digital experience with their first ever computer center funded by AI. The Center is also open to the community.



SoCCs incentivized 600 farmers in drought-prone Western India to practice organic farming techniques that save water and to share their expertise with others. 



In collaboration with WomenStrong International & AVFP, 45 people in Kisumu, Kenya rehabilitated a former dumping ground in their community into a thriving kitchen garden.



The SoCCs program with SEWA Ruaab in Delhi helped increase the earnings of 350 craftswomen by motivating them to produce international quality embroidery. SoCCs are redeemed for solar lights, eye glasses and table fans.



Women vendors in Kumasi, Ghana are keeping their marketplace clean and growing their business under a SoCCs program, which is also improving school attendance for over 1,000 girls while teaching them about reproductive healthcare.



The PepsiCo Foundation funded a SoCCs project in Ahmedabad, India where 470 women cleaned up their communities, redeeming SoCCs for nutritious groceries and more. They are now building upon this success to create more ambitious SoCC menus for Phase II of the project.



In Bori Sinh, India, 25 farmers got partial grants to buy cattle for sending their children to after-school classes and getting women and children to attend health camps, while 100 farmers built check dams for CommSoCCs. 



In one of our newest projects in collaboration with WomenStrong International and Bread for the City,SoCCs in Washington D.C. are helping women gain confidence and improve their lives. 



300 farmers in Pudokottai and Villipuram in Tamil Nadu received loans for cattle purchases and well-deepening through SoCCS with our partner, M.S. Swaminathan Foundation. They earned SoCCs by improving farming techniques and sharing water.



50 girls in villages around Pune learned self-defense/karate at AI-funded Ashta No Kai classes. Three of them went on to win national medals. Girls are also learning decision making and life skills, and increasingly opting for college education and careers.


The message of hope inherent in SoCCs is spreading around the world.  We were invited by our partner WomenStrong International to present our work at WomenDeliver conference in Copenhagen in May, described here in this Huffpost article.  The SoCCs concept was also a big hit at the Beyond Sports conference this past October in London.  

So in the spirit of sharing this bountiful holiday season, we invite you to join us in investing in a better world HERE 

Wishing you many Happy Initiatives in 2017!

Geeta Mehta on behalf of the Asia Initiatives team


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