Asia Initiatives

March 2017 Newsletter

This International Women's Day...

Asia Initiatives is celebrating International Women's Day this year by launching three new projects, impacting over 2,000 women and girls: 

  • Parmarth project in U.P., India, where women will earn SoCCs through learning financial literacy and improved healthcare practices.  SoCCs will be redeemed for kitchen garden equipment and seeds. 

  • Mangyea School in Accra, Ghana, where children will participate in SoCCs through community work, and spend SoCCs on computer time after school.
  • Shramjivi project in Maharashtra, India, where women will earn SoCCs through attending health camps and working on community projects. SoCCs will be redeemed for fishing nets and a poultry starter kit. 

We are grateful for your ongoing support for women and girls and invite you to click here to support a specific project in India, Ghana, or the United States. Thank you! 


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