Asia Initiatives

Corporate Partners

PepsiCo Foundation is the biggest corporate partner at Asia Initiatives. The PepsiCo Foundation grant has funded our program for the SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association) Project in Ahmedabad, India. In this project, women earn SoCCs for waste management, attending health camps, sending children to SEWA’s education center for after school help, and attending skill empowerment courses. SoCCs can be redeemed for products at the SEWA RUDI store which sells items and groceries grown/made by SEWA members.  Most women in this project are from the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe. The SoCCs program has improved health and sanitation in the neighborhoods of Gomtipur, Amraiwari, Bapu Nagar and Idgah.

WomenStrong International is a collection of non-profit organizations that help provide the six essential needs  (Health Care, Shelter, Safety, Education, Economic Empowerment, and Urban Environment) to women and girls in five different nations (Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, and the United States). The organization supports women-led solutions, such as those that create programs and train people to work with gender-based violence,  manuals, and learning groups to teach girls about HIV/AIDS, as well as the education of  women on microfinance, loans, and savings developed by CARE-Kenya’s experiences in Nairobi, Kenya.

M.S. Swaminathan Foundation in Chennai continues to be our main partner and inspiration. We work closely with the Directors of Eco-technology, ICT and Gender Issues at MSSRF in the areas of micro-credit, self-help groups, and education. In the past, we have also partnered with them in establishing the Community Food Banks and Every Child a Scientist programs. We also work with the Informatics Department at MSSRF in helping establish Village Knowledge Centers and Village Resource Centers.

Oxigen, a digital service provider, had originally partnered with Asia Initiatives to pilot SoCCs in villages around Kotputli as part of their social corporate responsibility (CSR) initiative. In this project, people earned SoCCs for planting trees, growing kitchen gardens, helping senior citizens attend health camps and other social good activities. SoCCs thus earned were redeemed as fees at the Oxigen Academy to learn employable skills such as computer use, and beautician and sewing programs. People could also redeem SoCCs for telephone recharges provided by Oxigen. The success of this project was replicated in the village of Islampur. Further, Oxigen plans to scale up projects in Orissa. 

Synechron, a company that creates solutions to financial and technological issues around the world, helped create the beta version of the platform for Asia Initiatives. They dedicated a team of three people who worked closely with our Board Member, Sweta Jhunjhunwala, and our designer, Juliana Azem, to build the platform.

More Corporate Partners

Access Technology
Allied Pickfords
Aman Resorts
American Chamber of Commerce
Citicards Japan
Citigroup Services (Japan) Ltd.
Coca Cola (Japan) Company Ltd.
Commerz Bank Securities
Credit Suisse First Boston Securities
Daimler Chrysler
Direct TV Japan
Excel Helicopter Service
Fidelity Investments Japan, Inc.

Ford Motor Company
Global Dining
Grand Hyatt
Herman Miller
Hotei Wines
Japan Business Services
Keyshots East-West Photography
Pearls Direct
Reuters Japan Ltd.
Riedel Japan
Shinsei Bank Ltd.
Temple University Japan
Veritas Ltd.
Zurich Insurance Co., Japan

Field Partners

The African Youth Guild is an organization that seeks to uplift Africa through programs such as the ICT (Internet Cafe) Centers in Ghana, the Sankofa Food and Health Farm off the Cape Coast, South Ghana, and the Ghana Cedi Bill Entertainment record label, that help foster unity and create open and feasible standard development. The programs seek to harness the untapped power of Africa’s youth in order to promote education, talent, and leadership.

The Alice Visionary Foundation Project is an international non-profit organization registered and based in Kenya that targets various issues affecting people in Africa, including poverty, HIV/AIDS, and illiteracy. The program works with other organizations and the Kenyan government to promote healthier standards of living and education and assist families that have the most serious needs. The organization’s larger message is to help the neediest and most vulnerable in the communities, with their work focusing on orphans, women, and sick populations, like those affected by HIV/AIDS.

AI has partnered with Arpana in providing education to disadvantaged children, and in building low-cost homes in the Molarbandh slum redevelopment colony.

The Barrackpore Avenue Women’s Cultural and Social Welfare Society

Headed by Armene Modi, recently honored as one of the “Real Heroes” by Reliance Foundation, Ashta no Kai undertakes projects in rural women’s education and empowerment, as well as projects in rural sanitation. Armene has visited MSSRF projects and is inspired by Professor Swaminathan’s philosophy of “pro-environment, pro-poor, and pro-women”.

The Barrackpore Avenue Women’s Cultural and Social Welfare Society is a non-profit organization in West Bengal, India that believes in the power of minorities such as women, children, and the elderly, and aims to give them the tools and platforms necessary to assist them in leveraging that power. Their programs include the development of leadership and education, accessible health care, and community love and support.

Bread For The City is a city-based organization that aims to alleviate the stresses of vulnerable residents by providing them with services that include food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services in order to increase their standard of living. Based in Washington, D.C., Bread For City aims to create a nurturing community that helps people while still remaining humble and respectful. They promote community growth and a common humanity and wish to change the way we view the poor and vulnerable.

KADAM EDUCATION INITIATIVE (KEI)/CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENT (CFD) reaches out to disadvantaged children in Ahmedabad who are denied education, and often their childhood, to meaningfully engage with them and help them to secure education in various ways. Asia Initiatives is partnering with Kadam in their project to support women and girls in the Piplaj area.

Asia Initiatives has supported the operation of a Mobile Crèche center for children of migrant construction workers in Delhi for the past five years. Mobile Crèches provide children with a safe, stimulating environment, two hot meals a day, basic reading and writing skills, and regular health checks.

Save Indian Farmers is a non-profit organization, registered in Arkansas, U.S., that helps farmer families in India and addresses the issues that lead to high rates of farmer suicides. In India, one farmer commits suicide every 41 minutes on average. This, SIF realized, becomes a humanitarian crisis, as these suicides affect “people’s right to life, water, food, and standard of living.” To combat the issue, SIF creates funds to both identify and assist families that are affected by the suicides and farming distress or are likely to become victims, in order to raise their standard of living.

“Conducting education focused and health camp based initiatives has changed the lives of hundred of farmer families of Borisinh village – thanks to Asia Initiatives SoCCs program. Now we are expanding it to conduct health camps and rural education through Android Tablets to around 600 farmer families. “- Hemant Joshi, founder of SIF.

SEWA is one of the most well-respected NGOs in India. They serve 1.7 million low-income, self-employed women workers. More than 94% of the female labor force in India are in the unorganized sector. SEWA’s work organizes women workers for full employment, through which workers obtain work, income, food, and social security (health care, child care, and shelter). SEWA will be Asia Initiatives' partner in the Social Capital Credits (SoCCs) program.

SEWA’s organization works to address the differences between economic, cultural, and social differences within different geographical areas of India, in order to create programs that increase the livelihood of women, children, the environment, and the economy. SEWA connects with other SEWA branches in India, as well as other NGOs that are working towards the same goal, to develop need-based programs that employ women and educate them so that they become economically self-reliant.

Women’s Health to Wealth is a non-governmental organization that aims to create a new generation of wealthier and healthier women, with a major focus on the Ashanti women of Western Africa,  in central Ghana. The organization promotes and develops better leadership and economic opportunities for women, as well as better educational systems that promote healthier standards of living. Some of their programs include health screenings at the Santasi Market and Atia Kotei in Ghana, and a collaboration with SoCCs members to clean up Adwumakaase-Kese, Ghana.

World Women Global Council is the voice of the young and the wisdom of the honored. They together create the interdisciplinary human connection and synergy sharing time and space. With support from celebrities to leaders, the WWGC attempts to act as a catalyst to change. They aim to use the strength, talent, and resources of corporate and civic leaders, celebrities, activists and volunteers whose powerful human capital can charge and change the lives of the disadvantaged. 

AI partnered with URBZ in hosting the Urban Typhoon workshop in Dharavi Koliwada in Mumbai in March 2008 to help the local community deal with development pressures. AI is continuing to work with URBZ in developing systems of participatory urban planning and development. 

Our Individual Supporters

Aaron Moore
Adam Fuler
Adarsh Shah
Dr. Aditya Preeti & Deven Mattoo
Aftab & Pola Seth
Ajit & Meera Kumar
Alicia Kershaw
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Foundation Support

Cofra Foundation
Community Fund for National Capital
Fauqier Chamber of Commerce
Fund for Women in Asia
Gensler Architects
Google Inc.
Kesselman Family Foundation
Morgan Stanely
Prudential Foundation
Shampa Chanda & VS Mani
Sobel Affiliates
Srinivas/Usha Charitable Trust
Thomas and Janet Montag Family Foundation