Asia Initiatives

Digital Literacy for Students in Yavatmal

Asia Initiatives has partnered with Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal to create the Digital Knowledge Center program in rural Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India. The Center was started to teach digital literacy, which is crucial for students to learn about the world and become competitive in the workforce. Deendayal’s Farmer Development Program, in which Asia Initiatives is also a partner, supports farmers to deal with draught conditions by reverting to organic farming of native species that do not need too much water, and helps students from distressed farming families through education and counseling programs.

The children earn SoCCs for sharing computer learning and providing homework help to younger children, and redeem SoCCs for computer lessons taught by qualified teachers. The computer courses consist of basic computer and system overview, MS Windows XP/7 and Microsoft Office usage, and Internet famliarity.

The program now also includes women participants who asked to be included along with school students.