Asia Initiatives


 Maharashtra, India

Asia Initiatives is working in conjunction with Shramjivi Janata Sahayyak Mandal to assist 540 members of rural poor communities in 10 hamlets of Maharastra, India. Our joint effort is promoting childcare and education as well as supporting the livelihoods of Katkari women and youth.

The Katkari people are a scattered Indian tribe that collectively comprises 123 hamlets of Poladpur in Maharashta, India. Traditionally, the Katkari people use fishing as a source of food and livelihood. In the past, community members struggled to survive within their communities due to the lack of infrastructure, connectivity and opportunities.

Community members here earn SoCCs for activities such as increased school attendance, immunization of children, and maintaining neighborhood cleanliness. SoCCs are redeemed for fishing net thread (1.5kg of thread per woman) and poultry (10 chicks per woman), which raise nutritional and financial status. Within their respective communities, the use of SoCCs has been influential in facilitating community-building activities while providing provisions that support livelihood, skill empowerment and healthcare.

Since the launch of the project in April 2017, 85% women/men SHG members attended SHG training and meetings. 65% women checked hygiene of school going children. Almost 90% parents attended parents teachers meetings, 30% hamlets showed improved environmental hygiene. Women, especially leaders began participating in social activities – helping sick to reach hospital and support the needy. Read more here in the six monthly project report.