Asia Initiatives

Rural Development Program

Haryana, India

In Haryana, India, Asia Initiatives has partnered up with Arpana Hospital to implement a rural development program. With our innovative SoCCs methodology, women will be given access to health care and participate in village sanitation. Only when women are healthy and engaged, can the village flourish.

Women in rural areas often are unable to go to the hospital due to social and economic barriers. Hospitals are also far away from rural villages, making it even harder for women to reach them. To solve this problem, AI and Arpana set up Cervical and Breast Cancer Health Camps for cancer screenings and awareness camps to spread knowledge about the disease. Self-help groups (SHG) are also set up across the villages of Haryana to spread this knowledge further. Educated women from SHG especially are expected to encourage other women in their SHG to come to the camps and to educate their peers about cervical and breast cancer. The training has so far covered 100 villages and around 10,000 women.  

Women also participate in village sanitation projects in which the whole community is engaged to clean lanes and drains and undergo training in waste segregation and proper disposal. To further improve the hygiene conditions, women will write petitions to their village council to find solutions to the public health problems of their village. SoCCs are earned through activities such as attending health camps, cleaning community areas, opening bank accounts for women and planting trees. Then, they are redeemed for resources such as floor mats and bags for the community.

(March 2017 update) Women in Modipur village staged street plays on the importance of participating in the Gram Sabha (village council meeting) and facilitated a quiz for the audience. The street plays, which were presented in two different areas of Modipur, were very successful and lively.