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Promoting Women's Health With Micropoultry Initiatives

Uttar Pradesh, India

Asia Initiatives has partnered with Dining For Women (DFW) to empower 450 women in Shohratgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India with micro-poultry farming kits. Dining For Women is a non-profit giving circle dedicated to empowering women and girls living in extreme poverty. Women in Shohratgarh have very little education, are employed as unskilled laborers and suffer from malnutrition and low caloric intake. 

“Supplementing Income of Rural Women Farmers Through Poultry Farming” aims to promote sustainable development and a sense of independence and strong community among the women in Shohratgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. Along with Shohratgarh Environmental Society, Asia Initiatives will promote income generation for women’s self-help groups (SHG) in 10 villages. 

Women will be trained in poultry farming and improving the nutrition for themselves and their families through the chicken they raise. Women will also be trained in record keeping, financial literacy and encouraged to regularly save small amounts. Expert help will be available to the women in case the chicken develops sickness, or other such problems. Since the women will come together to learn these various skills, their meetings will also begin to provide them a platform to share problems that they face in their lives and potential solutions to them, hence enhancing their social capital.

The SoCCs program will allow women to be key stakeholders in their own success. The women will earn SoCCs for attending monthly meetings, where information and discussions about reproductive health care, cleanliness, financial literacy, and combating domestic violence and alcoholism will be shared. Women are expected to redeem SoCCs for pre-vaccinated chicks to begin their small poultry farming business. The project will create frameworks for women to take ownership of their lives and become leaders of their communities, while helping them increase their own financial stability, nutrition and overall well-beingcrucial factors in poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment.

The Shohratgarh SoCCs program aims to promote sustainable development and a sense of independence and community. Women are provided with chicks and trained in poultry farming to improve nutrition for themselves and their families and to supplement income. Participants are also trained in record-keeping, financial literacy and encouraged to save small amounts of money on a regular basis. Expert help is available in case chickens become sick or other problems arise. Read more about the project on DFW's website here.


I am Badli, wife of Tilakram from Gadakul village. Our family earning comes from agriculture labor. We are six members in our family. Me, my husband and our four children with two daughters and two sons. I think we women must also earn something for my family so as to meet needs of food, medicines, education, clothes, etc. but it is not possible to meet all this with very little income. Luckily, the staff rom Shohratgarh Environmental Society contacted me and suggested I participate in poultry farming. It seems to be very easy and can be done from home. This way we can increase our personal savings. 

Project Photos and Videos

Check out this video explaining our SoCCs program in Shohratgarh!

A conversation with our President Geeta Mehta, Program Manager Jay Jaidev and the DFW team to share our project with DFW supporters and others.