Asia Initiatives

Supporting Education and Promoting Girls’ Empowerment

Asia Initiatives has partnered with the Shohratgarh Environmental Society (SES), a local non-governmental organization that works in the fields of food security, health, education and environment to execute a project supporting education for girls and promoting girls’ empowerment in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The SoCCS Lucknow Mentoring project for Girls is designed to support young girls, who live in informal settlements and have inadequate support for their education and development, and have to deal with issues such as gender inequality, early marriages and poverty. The project aims to improve the livelihood potential of the girls by ensuring that they stay and succeed in school and teaching them life- skills necessary to address the challenges they are facing. Most importantly, the project will not only prepare the girls for a better future, but will also positively impact the lives of their families, communities, and society. Our local partner for this project is the Shohratgarh Environmental Society (SES), who has worked in this area for over a decade and is also our partner in the Livelihood project for rural Shohratgarh supported by a Dining for Women grant.

Asia Initiatives has created ten Gender Resources Centers for 500 young girls, located in public facilities likes schools in Lucknow. The centers provide the girls access to reading and learning materials, recreational equipment and facilitate easy access to additional information, referral help and opportunities for economic enablement. Learning modules such as reproductive and sexual health education and vocational skills are also made available to the girls. They will participate in peer education programs and have a say on issues impacting their lives. This program will not only lead to healthy behavioral practices, but will equip the girls with the competence to enter the workplace.

The girls earn SoCCs by tutoring three other girls who are three or more years younger than them. They can redeem SoCCs for school supplies, sanitary products and other necessities. The SoCCS Lucknow project will allow the girls to gain more independence and become a key player in their own life decisions. Most importantly, it will enable them to mold their own future and actively participate in improving their communities.

Asia Initiatives has just received a grant from LUSH Foundation to expand this project.