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Geeta Mehta in conversation with Dilshad Dayani

Dr. Geeta Mehta, founder of Asia Initiatives spoke to Dr. Dilshad Dayani, leadership coach, broadcast journalist and cultural social impact strategist on "What Can We Do When Money Isn't Enough to Alleviate Poverty?". Dr Geeta asserts the world we live in is focused on the creation and maximization of financial capital, which may be the root cause of most of the problems we face today. Read on.

Geeta Mehta speaks to impactmania about 'Building Social Capital by Design'

Geeta Mehta spoke with impactmania about what drives sustainable social impact and why many current urban development trends adversely affect social capital. She also shares success stories from Asia initiatives and lessons learnt. Read the complete interview here.

impactmania features thinkers and doers who drive cultural, social and economic impact.

Community currencies important in demonetisation: Innovator Geeta Mehta

Geeta Mehta presented the concept of SoCCs and work of Asia Initiatives at the International Symposium on Water Urbanism and Infrastructure Development in Eco-Sensitive Zones held in Kolkata in January 2017. Read excerpts from her interview to the press here

SoCCs in the Huffington Post

In partnership with WomenStrong International, SoCCs allow women in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world, including parts of Asia and Africa, to better themselves by going to health check-ups, for example, and then redeeming those credits for things like job interview skills. Read more here

Putting the Pope's Words to Work published in the Irish Echo

Dr. Geeta Mehta’s SoCCs, or Social Capital Credits, are an excellent way for young girls and women to do good for themselves and their community, and also reward themselves for their work. Echoing the work that Dr. Mehta has done, the Pope also argues that girls around the world also have a right to education and to a high standard of living to the UN at Madison Square Garden. Read more here

What's Better than Money? Forbes has the Answer!

An interview with Dr. Geeta Mehta published in Forbes explains what has been called “the most transformative simple idea since Mohammad Yunus launched the microcredit movement.” Read more here

The Slow Motions of Paper Rivers in Madurai published by Zoe Barron

Dr. Geeta Mehta and her interns, along with the Dhan Foundation, work together to clean up the local rivers of the city of Madurai in the Tamil region of southern India. Read more about it here

SoCCs Make an Appearance at the Public Symposium

Dr. Geeta Mehta spoke at the Public Symposium in Australia about her work with SoCCs, and how it leads to both individual and community innovation and growth. Watch her talk here

AI's founder, Geeta Mehta, among the 21 Leaders of the 21st Century award announced by Women's Enews in 2015

Dr. Geeta Mehta was listed as one of the 21 Leaders of 2015 for her work with Asia Initiatives and SoCCs! Click here to read more about the profiles of the awardees and watch her talk here.

Karate Champions Chop Their Way to the Top published in the Sakal Times

You will be pleased to know that all three of our girls from Nimgaon Bhogi village who attended a South Asian Karate Meet in Nepal last week have won gold and silver medals. Read more here.