Asia Initiatives

Dining For Women Funds SoCCs in Shohratgarh

Dining for Women has awarded a $47,000 grant to Asia Initiatives to implement SoCCs in Shohratgarh, a village in the foothills of the Himalayas. 

Dilshad Dayani and AI Team Talk SoCCs and the Annual Gala on ITV

Ambassador, Advisor, and International Diplomat Mr. Aftab Seth and Project Associate Natalie Friedberg talk about Asia Initiatives' Social Capital Credits methodology on ITV. Dilshad Dayani discusses the upcoming gala on October 18 2018 and how Asia Initiatives projects highlight sustainability and empowerment.

Empower Refugees Through SoCCs

Empower refugees and their local host communities to leverage social capital for settling into a new life. 

15 Women, 15 Years

An overview of Asia Initiatives' impact over 15 years of service, told through the personal stories of 15 women. 

Asia Initiatives Impact 2017

2017 was a great year for Asia Initiatives' programs and for women's empowerment! Learn more about what AI has accomplished over the course of the year. Tutorial Video

An introduction on how to use our online SoCCmarket platform for SoCCpreneurs all over the world!

The PepsiCo Foundation funds SoCCs

Asia Initiatives teamed with SEWA to bring SoCCs to Ahmedabad, funded by the PepsiCo Foundation. Watch a video about the pilot project and how SoCCs are changing the lives of women in India here

Midwife Training in Bangladesh

Learn about Asia Initiatives' effort to support safe and effective training for traditional birth attendants in Bangladesh.

Women's E-news 21 Leaders

Our founder and President, Dr. Geeta Mehta, was honored by Women's Enews as one of its 21 Leaders of 2015. See her acceptance speech here!

Kitchen Garden by Parmarth and Asia Initiatives

New update from our field partner, Parmarth. In this program, we work in partnership with Parmarth and Save India Farmers to bring economic empowerment to these women, while promoting healthy nutrition.

Ignite the Light Within, Asia Initiatives 2018 Gala

Asia Initiatives (AI) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in New York. The mission of AI is to leverage the power of social capital to promote healthcare, education and sustainable development, striving to bring positive change in the quality of life of people in underserved communities.

'Samriddhi' Micro Poultry Project

'Samriddhi' is a program designed to improve livelihood potentials of poor women in India through economic empowerment opportunities. Women are given low interest loans, veterinary help and support and financial acumen to create and sustain their own micro-poultry businesses, an alternate source of income for them, their families and communities.

Asia Initiative Anual Gala 2018

Here is our video on the successful 2018 Anual Gala!