Asia Initiatives

#RiseWithHer: Three Easy Ways to Join the Women's Water Movement

Become an investor in the Women's Water Movement! Here’s how you can contribute to our #RiseWithHer campaign and celebrate International Women’s Day with meaningful impact.

  • Participate in our social media campaign by posting a picture of yourself or your friends holding your own #RiseWithHer sign. Add this caption to spread the word: “I also encourage my friends and followers to invest in the Asia Initiatives Bundelkhand Project, which mobilizes women to fight for water security through taking leadership of local government.”
  • Set up a fundraising campaign on Facebook. Simply visit our Facebook page, scroll down and click “Create a Fundraiser.”
  • Invest directly in Bundelkhand through our website or send us a check at 200 East 61st Street #25 AB New York NY 10065.