Asia Initiatives

Social Capital Credits

The community currency for social good

Do Social Good

Participants plant trees, send girls to school, help build infrastructure, mentor peers, organic farming, and other acts of social good that help their community.

Earn SoCCs

Each item on the SoCCs Earning Menu is worth a certain number of points, which are recorded in a paper booklet or the new SoCCs App.

Redeem SoCCs

SoCCs can be redeemed for telephone talk time, low interest micro-loans, skill empowerment, and other critical resources that help communities.

Improve Lives in the Community

Our 18 SoCCs programs have impacted thousands of women and their families who have been able to lift themselves out of poverty.

Social Capital, our greatest untapped resource

For too long, financial capital has been the one and only resource that is considered in poverty alleviation and development techniques. Social capital is the glue that holds communities together, it is the desire to do good for those besides yourself. With environmental capital, it is the key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and solving poverty once and for all.
Innovated by Dr. Geeta Mehta in 2014, SoCCs is our answer to this question. In 18 sites across the world, we have seen SoCCs not only change the lives of individuals, but transform whole communities from the ground up. It is an extremely powerful tool that can be leveraged in any community, neighborhood, society — regardless of income or strata. That is why we support SoCCs.