Asia Initiatives

Project in Kisumu, Kenya Funded by WomenStrong

We partnered with the Alice Visionary Foundation Project (AVFP) and WomenStrong International (WSI) to incentivize individuals in the Manyatta neighborhood of Kisumu to perform social services through the SoCCs program. The largest impact in these communities has been a complete transformation of waste management, including the implementation of a systematic approach to collecting, recycling, and disposal. The community identified three dumping areas to be cleaned and converted into kitchen gardens, which serve as a reliable source of nutritional crops.  A sustainable collection system was created in which individuals gather and sort waste, and earn SoCCs based on the weight of waste sent away to designated garbage disposal points.  Community members have reflected upon the newfound beauty of their environment, which was once viewed as the slums. In addition to this sense of pride, individuals redeem iSoCCs for umbrellas, solar lights, stoves, school fees, supplies, and uniforms.  The community also redeems CommSoCCs for plastic chairs, tents, and generators.

Due to the success of the first phase of SoCCs implementation, we initiated a second phase that serves as an expansion of activities available for earning SoCCs. Community members can practice improved food hygiene and sanitation, organize for community events, establish youth sports teams, and engage in prenatal and postnatal healthcare programs