Asia Initiatives

Goat Rearing in Bundelkhand

Through a generous grant provided by the Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation, Asia Initiatives and our partner, Parmarth Samaj Sevi Sansthan have created a program to encourage alternate sources of incomes for people in areas of Utter Pradesh, India. Seasonal laborers or farm workers often suffer an extreme loss of income in non-arable months. To offset this effect and to make livelihoods more secure, we have launched a projects providing loans to villagers to purchase goats. In addition to meat, goats serve valuable nutritional purpose via milk and other dairy products and can also be entered in a breeding program to be sold at a later date. In addition to goats, participants have access to veterinary care, information sessions on goat rearing and constant access to support and help throughout the process. This project is an important step in the right direction to create stable jobs and incomes for people, to make them in charge of their own futures, not on unnecessary aid handouts.


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