Asia Initiatives

The Team at AI, Tokyo

When AI moved its headquarters from Tokyo and set up base in New York in 2009, AI Tokyo continued to operate as one of the international network of Asia Initiatives. Most of the Board Members from legacy AI-headquarters in Tokyo have remained to continue to work, with Jagmohan Chandrani taking over the AI-Tokyo President position. AI Tokyo holds a fund raiser every year to fund the project they support in Kolkata and other places. 

Other members of the Board include:

  • Afifah Yamasaki
  • Tomoko Takeba (Treasurer)
  • Pradipta Mullick
  • Rama Tantry
  • Irene Herrera
  • Sanjeev Sinha 


SAFAL  - Bedside Nursing Training, Kolkata, India

Sponsored by AI Tokyo, SAFAL is a joint venture of the Social Welfare Society and Barrackpore Avenue Women’s Cultural and Rotary Club. SAFAL offers numerous programs such as projects supporting child rights, eye camps for the vision impaired, and awareness programs as well as financial aids and tutorials for the under-resourced. AI Tokyo provides the financial support for setting up SAFAL's free vocational training program in nursing course and paying for its recurring costs which has been extraordinarily rewarding.

The beneficiary girls are able to earn points through SoCCs for conducting two rounds of community awareness. They inform the community on topics such as sanitation, childcare, and nutrition. SoCCs has been integrated into the evaluation system and has helped the girls build strong discipline, punctuality, and teamwork skills. The SoCC points are then redeemed as fees for the training programs. The project, which began in 2014, has proven to be successful in training 77 girls till now. Most of them have also found gainful employment which fulfills the pertinent aim of Asia Initiatives of empowering women. Recent field report of this project can be read here