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Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaBundelkhand

In Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia Initiatives has partnered with Parmath Samaj Sevi Sansthan to support farmers in areas affected by the Bundelkhand Drought and Flood. SoCCs here are providing access to digital literacy, health care, nutritional awareness and resources.

The Bundelkhand region has been repeatedly affected by droughts and, most recently, flooding. Combined, these disasters have left marginalized community groups of Uttar Pradesh unable to access nutritional food and drinking water, and have depleted sources of income for farmers. This has led to health problems such as malnutrition in women and children, who also lack access to the public healthcare system.

Using SoCCs, AI facilitated two healthcare camps in six locations, benefiting upwards of 1200 villagers, created community kitchen gardens and enabled digital literacy opportunities through the use of tablets. Community members earn SoCCs for attending health camps, monitoring the health of their families, and maintaining the community kitchen garden to support nutritional needs. SoCCs are redeemed for digital literacy opportunities, vitamins, sanitary napkins, micro loans and school supplies, amongst others.

(November 2017 Update)
A health camp was set up in Gopalpura, which is cluster of 8 villages. Prior to the check up, project team members provided an awareness session on symptoms of and protection from seasonal to participating patients. Afterwards, these patients received a check up from Dr Sanjeev Gupta (MD Diabetes Urinary TB Specialist) and Dr. Prashant Rajput (Pediatrician specialist) on various diseases. It was found that most patients were suffering from body pain, fever and body ache, which were caused by lack of both potable water and awareness about hygiene and sanitation. In total, 315 participants received a health check up, which included tests, such as blood sugar, hemoglobin and blood pressure test. The Parmarth team also followed up with these villages to monitor the health of these patients.

Moreover, 3 reproductive health education sessions were conducted in Dhamna and Kurtala village of block Madhaugarh and Tihar village of Rampura block. In these sessions, a Seema Devi (Aanganwadi worker) discussed female health issues, cautions as well as maternal health during pregnancy. She also emphasized on hygiene practices during menstruation as well as defecation sanitation, giving details about the process of toilet construction under Swachha Bharat Mission. Total of 52 women and 5 adolescent participated in this health session.