Asia Initiatives

Adult Literacy for Women Artisans

Asia Initiatives has partnered with SEWA (the Self-Employed Women’s Association) to promote economic empowerment and drive education initiatives by improving literacy for women weavers in Delhi. SEWA is the world’s largest organization of informal workers and the largest nonprofit in India, with over two million members. Ruaab is a women’s […]

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Test Project

Education remains one of the most powerful return on society in terms of greatest chance of economic growth, overall health and prosperity. However, in many parts of the globe, women and girls are often left out of this incredible life altering opportunity. Girls often carry the burden of helping the […]

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Domus Kids: Working with Children in Connecticut

Asia Initiatives has partnered with Domus Kids, a local non-profit based in Stamford, Connecticut that lends support to disadvantaged youth in Connecticut. The Asia Initiatives-Domus YEP! (Youth Empowerment Program) initiative uses SOCCs (Social Capital Credits) to incentivize participants to develop professional and life skills that will help them in their

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