Asia Initiatives

Asia Initiatives has teamed up with VIEWS India, a Non-Profit Organization based in Bhubhaneshwar, Odisha. This project perfectly ties in with AI’s mission to improve livelihood prospects for communities around the world through skill building initiatives. Our collaboration has resulted in the formation of an IT center to teach digital literacy skills to children. Participants in our program earn SoCCs through peer mentoring other children in the community. They tutor children for three days a week after school in topics they learn in their curriculum. This gives older children a sense of pride and dignity, as they are considered teachers and gives younger children a sense of stability, as they feel they learn in a holistic and welcoming environment and are taught by their peers.  In exchange, they can redeem SoCCs for free IT classes, taught by instructors. Digital Literacy is a key determinant of increasing career prospects for many of these children and provides valuable skills that they do not have access to.