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#RiseWithHer: 30 Days of Women’s Empowerment in Honor of International Women’s Day 2018

Become an investor in the Women’s Water Movement! Here’s how you can contribute to our #RiseWithHer campaign and celebrate International Women’s Day with meaningful impact.

  • Participate in our social media campaign by posting a picture of yourself or your friends holding your own #RiseWithHer sign. Add this caption to spread the word: “I also encourage my friends and followers to invest in the Asia Initiatives Bundelkhand Project, which mobilizes women to petition for their rights to government services and organizes communities to establish kitchen gardens.”
  • Set up a fundraising campaign on Facebook. Simply visit our Facebook page, scroll down and click “Create a Fundraiser.”
  • Invest directly in Bundelkhand through our website or send us a check at 200 East 61st Street #25 AB New York NY 10065.
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