Asia Initiatives

Kadam Resource Center: Building Leadership Among Girls

Ahmedabad, India

In 2016 Asia Initiatives collaborated with the Center for Development in Ahmedabad, India, to implement sustainable changes in the areas of women’s self-help groups, safe institutional births, involvement of community leaders, healthcare workshops, and girls mentoring their peers. The establishment of the one-year program Kadam Resource Center for Girls (KRCG) has provided a safe environment for young girls to learn about social taboo topics such as self-defense and puberty, most specifically menstruation. The girls who attended these workshops at the KRCG then spread this information to other girls in their surrounding communities, promoting the widespread knowledge of opportunities for female advancement in society. 

SoCCs are earned from community leaders holding meetings, midwives providing pregnancy monitoring from conception to delivery, the implementation of first aid training in the community, and girls teaching their female peers the information learned in KRCG workshops. SoCCs are thus redeemed for KRCG girls’ travel expenses, hygiene kits for girls and women, fees for teachers, and the rent for the KRCG building.

(Updated in June 2017) The Education Centres have proved to be very important in assisting the children in their school work. None of the children who have been attending the ECs have dropped out of school.