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Cascade of learning

The SoCCs Lucknow Mentoring project for Girls is designed to support young girls, who live in informal settlements and have inadequate support for their education and development, and have to deal with issues such as gender inequality, early marriages and poverty. The project aims to improve the livelihood potential of the girls by ensuring that they stay and succeed in school and teaching them life- skills necessary to address the challenges they are facing. Most importantly, the project does not only prepare the girls for a better future, but also positively impacts the lives of their families, communities, and society.

Asia Initiatives has established 10 Gender Resources Centers for 500 young girls, located in public facilities like schools in Lucknow. The centers:

  • Provide access to reading and learning materials
  • Provide access to recreational equipment
  • Facilitate easy access to additional information, referral help and opportunities for economic enablement.
  • Learning modules such as reproductive and sexual health education and vocational skills are also made available to the girls.

The girls participated in peer education programs and have a say on issues impacting their lives. This program has not only led to healthy behavioral practices, but also equipped the girls with the competence to enter the workplace.

Education and Technology Initiative


Health Initiative

Partner: Shohratgarh Environmental Society

Location: Lucknow, UP, India

Project Features:

  • 10 Gender Resources Centers located in public facilities like schools in Lucknow
  • SoCCs earned by tutoring three other girls who are three or more years younger than them.
  • SoCCs redeemed for school supplies, sanitary products and other necessities

(Updated in 2019) 200 women and girls of the Dudoli locality received the benefit of the free health check-up camp in February 2019. 116 participants have been benefited from the second batch of digital literacy classes within all localities of project. Total 499 participants has been distributed Educational Kit, 355 participants have been distributed Hygiene Kit, and 231 participants were distributed with reusable sanitary pads.

(Updated in 2018) In August 2018, to mark the occasion of Independence day & international Youth Day , the participants of the UDAAN project gathered at “Girls Resource Center (GRC)” at Beligarad locality & carried out a rally to raise their voice for on what does freedom really means to the Youths. A Session on “Gender Based Violence (GBV)” was conducted in the project area with an objective to create awareness and educate participants about the causes and effects of gender inequality, GBV, as well as helping them cultivate attitudes that do not condone any form of Violence. Also, Asia Initiatives has received a grant from LUSH Foundation to expand this project in 2018.


This project contributes to 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)