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Ruaab SEWA, Changing the Life of Embroidery Artisans

Our partnership with Ruaab, a garment production company owned and managed by craftswomen from the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), has empowered 350 Delhi women artisans to join the SoCCs program. Ruaab previously had issues with quality control and timely pick-up and delivery for the skilled embroidery work performed by their women for name brands such as Zara and Gap. However, this is no longer an issue since women earn SoCCs for timeliness and quality of their work. Holding the Ruaab members professionally accountable for their production has helped increase wages and also improved working conditions.

The women artisans also earn SoCCs for opening bank accounts to encourage savings habits, vaccinating their children to reduce infant mortality rates, and sending children to school regularly. Individuals may redeem iSoCCs for LED lights for homes, tutoring services, and sanitary supplies to promote home cleanliness, while the community may redeem CommSoCCs for recreational activities and group insurance. 

(Updated in May 2017) In response to petitions by Ruaab SEWA's mohalla (community) leaders, a community toilet and several trash bins have been installed in the Ashok Nagar area by the Delhi Municipal Corporation.

(Updated in 2019) In 2019, adult literacy projects are organized in which 89 participants benefited from. A mass cleanness drive was organized in Raghubir Nagar on in April. The importance of hygiene and cleanliness was promoted door-to-door. Streets were also cleaned by area members.