Asia Initiatives

Cascade of learning: Spoken English Sessions over Video Conferences

As part of our Covid-19 response, young SoCC Buddies in the US and elsewhere have started to video conference with children in the underserved communities we work in to help improve their spoken English skills, benefitting both sides as they learn about each other's cultures and lives in a fun way. Spoken English is necessary to get good jobs later on. A video training session is provided by Asia Initiatives' education advisor Dr. Nidhi Tandon to get the SoCC Buddies started.

Each SoCC Buddy holds a 30 mins virtual session in the morning once or twice a week. Buddies earn SoCCs for each session on our App available on Google Play or Apple Store. The pilot program will run throughout the summer. Under the pilot, the program grew to 80 participants in multiple programs in India and 10 mentors in US. Starting July 2020, this program will be scaled up to 200 participants and hopefully 25 mentors.

Education and Technology Initiative

Partner: Frauen Power 

Location: India and USA

Project Features:

  • SoCC Mentors earn SoCCs for taking sessions which will be redeemed for equipment by the programs in India
  • The participants in India will redeem SoCCs for these sessions as the SoCC activities restart in July.

This project contributes to 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)