Asia Initiatives

Closing the Technology Gap

Mangyea, Ghana

In 2015, together with the African Youth Guild (AYG), AI created an innovative project that simultaneously targets both junior high school students, and also the surrounding community members of Mangyea, Ghana. Through our support, Mangyea Junior High School constructed a state-of-the-art Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Center which includes brand new computers. Many take the Internet for granted when it is available at their fingertips, but as of the year 2016, only 40% of the world’s population had access to the Internet. The SoCCs program in Mangyea serves not only to logistically place computers in the community, but also to spread computer literacy amongst members of all ages. Having Internet access creates indisputable opportunities for advancement in education, professional careers, and gaining general access to cutting-edge information and news worldwide. Through various SoCCs earnings items such as maintaining cleanliness of the village, recycling, creating youth sports teams, and attending education sessions, the community is encouraged to continue improvement in areas besides technology. Participants redeemed SoCCs for rewards such as school supplies, fees, and uniforms, computer usage at the ICT after hours, phone credits, and health and beauty maintenance services for women.