Asia Initiatives

Maharashtra: Water Conservation for Better Yields

Asia Initiatives has partnered with Save Indian Farmers to support water conservation activities in six villages in the Beed district of Marathwada, Maharashtra, India. Five consecutive rain deficiencies during the monsoon seasons have worsened the food and water crisis in the area. Marathwada relies heavily on the rain for agriculture. Almost 90 percent of its population depends on farming and related sectors for a living.
Six villages participated in the Water Cup competition organized by Paai Foundation, where villages earned money to pay for diesel and other necessities. AI is also supporting the villages by providing them with diesel and machines to run their activities. Villagers, farmers, and even teachers are helping manually and monetarily. They have been digging trenches, dams, nurseries and constructing water harvesting structures to prevent soil erosion and conserve water. From their hard work, water was found seventeen feet below the ground in the peak of summer, while they had to dig as far as 300 feet before they worked on the watershed.
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