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Our mission is to leverage the power of social capital to promote healthcare, education and sustainable development in underserved communities with a particular focus on women and their families.

Celebrate International Women's Day by Investing in Women!

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Highlights from 2017 Gala

What a night with incredible women! Gloria Steinem received the Ban Ki-moon Award for Women's Empowerment. In addition, Eva Haller received the Ban Ki-moon Award for Mentorship and Yue-Sai Kan received the Ban Ki-moon award for Entrepreneurship. We thank you all for making the Gala a great success. Watch this space for the launch of new SoCC projects and the continuation of the old from the funds we raised at the Gala.
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Where We Are

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What Do We Do?

Our health initiative provides women and girls with access to knowledge, awareness and supplies in order to lead healthy lives, contributing to societal advancement, empowerment and economic development. Through our programs, we equip women and girls with the necessary tools to overcome gender discrimination and become the stakeholders of their reproductive rights, all while giving back to other girls and women in their communities to earn SoCCs.
Through our micro credit initiative, women use SoCCs to secure low-interest loans in order to develop or expand their businesses and boost profits. As a result, women ensure financial security for their families and become more confident and business savvy, leading to a greater sense of empowerment. We believe that through micro credit programs, the poor are given a chance to pull themselves out of poverty as they are the stakeholders of their success.
There is a clear correlation between education, poverty reduction and sustainability. Through our education initiative, we provide children and girls with safe spaces and knowledge centers to drive literacy, life skills, and a formal educational curriculum including English and computer lessons. As urban poverty oftentimes results in child labour, we use SoCCs to put children back in school to not only ensure a sustainable future but help their families, too.
Our initiatives enhance livelihood, food security, and hygiene throughout urban and rural communities. In rural communities, SoCCs are used to improve knowledge of farming techniques which promote economic and environmental sustainability. In urban communities, SoCCs incentivize residents and promote waste-management and hygienic living. Our initiatives not only contribute to lifestyle improvements, but environmental improvements, too.
As technology is the forefront of today’s society, enabling the widespread access to information and communication, we have used SoCCs to establish computer-based knowledge centers. Internet access creates numerous opportunities for educational and professional advancements—both necessary tools for poverty alleviation.

Empowering community members to become

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What thought leaders are saying about us

SG Ban Ki-moon
During my tenure as Secretary-General, I always worked to make women’s empowerment a top priority and I can see that Asia Initiatives is carrying on that legacy.
Dr. Mamphela Ramphele
Your concept could unleash a transformative pathway away from the current unsustainable and demeaning social welfare hand-capital as an essential ingredient of sustainable and providing an instrument to implement and measure projects that enhance it and give communities the sense of power and accomplishment.
Marva Allen
A system such as SoCCs is a catalyst to the formal economy. It is the precursor to eradicating is building hope, self-reliance, self-confidence, spurring entrepreneurship and ultimately creating good citizens.
Dr. Susan Blaustein
The Social Capital Credits program is a proven, powerful tool for advancing toward social justice by acknowledging the honest work of individuals and returning the fruits of that work both to these individuals and their communities.
Pedro Sanchez
A tribute to a good idea is how no one has thought about it before. SoCCs is the best idea I have heard since Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Bank umpteen years ago. You got yourself a tool. I urge you to pursue it.
Prof. Jeffrey Sachs
It is just amazing to learn of your innovative work in Kumasi on SoCCs. This sounds absolutely wonderful, a real breakthrough.
Eva Haller
SoCCs has the potential to be as transformative a concept as micro-credit.
Joan Holmes
Psychology studies indicate differences between people working for good/social causes versus just working to earn money. Who do we become when we work for social good and the impact that has on communities, versus who we become if we think only of ourselves, and of everything in terms of money?
Donna Akuamoah
SoCCs is indeed a glimpse into the future of social justice work!

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