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Critical Covid-19 Relief in India

As the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in India is steadily rising, the big crises is that most daily-wage earners have lost jobs due to the lockdown, and returned to their villages or informal settlements with no means to meet their daily needs. While the government has promised help to those affected, many families are getting left out because they do not have the paperwork needed and/or the sheer scale of the problem. Asia Initiatives is not only providing urgent food and medical support to her family, also engaging hundreds of laborers to build the RESILIENCE PROJECTS we are supporting.

Our Resilience Projects include agricultural dams, rainwater harvesting trenches and tree planting, which will help drought prone areas grow more crops and become water and food secure, reducing in the long run the need to migrate to cities for jobs. Fortunately this is a perfect time for this work before the arrival of the monsoon in July.  People earn SoCCs for their work and can redeem them for necessities. Asia Initiatives is supporting such projects in Madhya Pradesh, UP, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.


Cascade of Learning: "SoCC Buddies"

As part of our Covid-19 response, young SoCC Buddies in the US and elsewhere have started to video conference with children in the underserved communities we work in to help improve their spoken English skills, benefitting both sides as they learn about each other's cultures and lives in a fun way. Spoken English is necessary to get good jobs later on. A video training session is provided by Asia Initiatives' education advisor Dr. Nidhi Tandon to get the SoCC Buddies started.

Each SoCC Buddy holds a 30 mins virtual session in the morning once or twice a week. Buddies earn SoCCs for each session on our App available on Google Play or Apple Store to earn and share recognition. This program will run throughout the summer, and possibly later too. A grant of 4000 Euro's from FrauenPower for digital empowerment of young girls will fund the cost of equipment and Internet for this and other digital skills program in our project area in Lucknow.

Be a SoCC Buddy to Zoom Across the Lockdown!

  • Spend 30 mins, once or twice a week to teach English in a Virtual Session
  • The sessions are held in Mornings only (between 7:00 - 9:00 am EST)
  • Be available throughout the summer
  • Knowledge of Hindi, Marathi, Odiya, or another language spoken in India is not required, exposure to Indian culture/language is encouraged!


To see photos of our projects in action, visit our Flickr page here.

For videos, check out our YouTube channel.

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SoCCs recognized as a World Changing Idea

Our community currency for social good has won recognition as one of the World Changing Ideas of 2020! The transformation in people's lives brought about through SoCCs in India, Ghana, Kenya and the US has been made possible by your kind support.
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Panel Discussion: Affordable Housing

The pandemic has put a spotlight on how unequal our cities are. This panel will re-imagine the future of housing and rethink acceptable standards in terms of quality of life in informal communities. We will explore innovative models of delivering housing to low income housing.
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"During my tenure as Secretary-General, I always worked to make women's empowerment a top priority and I can see that Asia Initiatives is carrying on that legacy."

—Eighth United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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